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Indian pharmaceutical Congress -Manipal-2010

The 62nd Indian Pharmaceutical Congress will be held at Manipal in Karnataka. It will be held under the aegis of the Indian Hospital Pharmacists’ Association (IHPA). As the president of the host association, I have great pleasure in inviting practicing pharmacists in hospitals, clinical researchers, community, teachers, industrialists & regulatory to the three day event.
The practice of pharmacy has seen tremendous changes in the recent years. In the West the pharmacists play stellar roles along with doctors and nurses in health care delivery. The conditions in India up to now have not been satisfactory for the pharmacists. Except in rare instances, the pharmacists in India play only passive role in patient care. It is this lacuna that IHPA is trying to address. The IHPA aims to secure for them their rightful place through more active involvement in pharmaceutical care. They must strive for excellence and status in the society. Professional ethics must be maintained. For assuming the new responsibilities, they should gain more knowledge and develop skills.
IHPA has been able to contribute to raise the professional standards and status of pharmacists. The IHPA has played a vital role for upgrading the scale of pharmacist from PB-1 to PB-2 with fast track committee appointed by the Govt. of India for the discrepancies in the 6th Pay Commission along with Pharmacy Council of India & other pharmaceutical associations. The IHPA has also moved to the Pharmacy Council of India for raising the qualification from Diploma to Degree in Pharmacy for registration as Pharmacist and in designing the bridge course from Diploma to Degree in Pharmacy for the working pharmacists. There was a move from the central government to allow anyone who wants to dispense common drugs and household remedies without the statutory need for D Pharm. IHPA could, through representation, forestall this unwise move. Based on IHPA’s representation, the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission, in association with IPA taken up the task of revising the National Formulary of India. IHPA is working relentlessly to update hospital pharmacists with current information through continued education, articles, handouts, conferences and seminars. Continuing Pharmacy Education is a necessity, feels the IHPA and arranging the management course for the working pharmacists every year. The Indian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, Bi-monthly publication of the IHPA is a valuable collection for practicing pharmacists.
Manipal, an international educational town, is in the Udupi district in coastal Karnataka. Manipal University has several institutions under its care, where students from different parts of India and 49 other countries come to get high quality professional education- medical, engineering, dentistry, pharmacy and so on. This region has its own distinct culture and tradition. The place is peaceful and people are friendly. Educational institutions and banks are plenty in this most literate part of Karnataka. Besides Sri Krishna Temple, Udupi is also known worldwide for its cuisine.
Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MCOPS) has been in the forefront of imparting pharmacy education for about 47 years. Nurtured and supported by Manipal University, the college successfully runs programmes from D Pharm onwards to PhD. It has nine specialisations at M Pharm. In 2008 Pharm D and Pharm D Post Baccalaureate programmes were started. M Pharm in Pharmacy Practice and Pharm D programmes thrive due to the availability of the facilities of Kasturba Medical College Hospital and the rapport existing between the clinicians and the pharmacy practice faculty and students. It is therefore significant that the 62nd IPC hosted by IHPA should take place at Manipal. The delegates and young pharmacists can get first hand experience of how clinician pharmacist co-operation could result in a better and more comprehensive patient care.    
We hope to cover new grounds in the future. The 62nd IPC may well be the starting point for the new initiatives. On behalf of IPCA and IHPA, let me wish all of you a fruitful stay at Manipal in December 2010. 
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