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Papaver sominiferum

Common Name: Opium poppy, Poppyseed, Poppy, Kesh
Plant name: Papaver Somniferum
Chemical constituents: important constituents of opium are the alkaloids,among alkaloids morphine is important and then  Narcotine and Codeine are of secondary importance and Thebaine, Narceine, Papaverine, Codamine and Rhoeadine  are also present in small amounts. Mucilage, sugar, wax, caoutchouc and salts of calcium, and magnesiumare also contained in opium.
It is most effective way of relieving severe pain.
Helps get rid of anxieties, tensions, fears and inhibitions.
Poppy seeds contain cough suppressant and analgesic properties
Used to treat intestinal stomach spasms and respiratory spasms triggered by asthma attacks.
It is used to remedy bladder, bruises, cancer, cold, conjunctivitis and  diarrhea.
 Used in hypertension, hypochondria, inflammation, insomnia and  in malaria.

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