Sida cardifolia

Common Name: Indian Ephedra, Mallow plant, Janglimedhi, Bala, Vatya, Bariyar, Kharethi
Plant name: Sida Cordifolia
Chemical constituents: Main chemical constituents are ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, phytosterol, potassium nitrate and alkaloids. Asparagin, alkaloids: ephedrine, hypaphorine, vasicinone, vasicine and vasicinol.

 The plant is aphrodisiac, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and tonic in nature.
It effects on central nervous system and provides relief from anxiety.
It is used to reduce the body weight.
 It lowers the blood pressure and improves cardiac irregularity.
Plant bark is effective in curing facial paralysis and sciatica.
It is one of the best medicines for Rheumatism.
It is also used as cardiac tonic.

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