Syzygium cumini

Common Name:  Jambul, , Indian blackberry, Java plum, jamun, jaman, black plum.
Plant name Syzygium cumini
Chemical constituents:  Main components are methylxanthoxylin, corilagin, ellagitanins, ellagic acid and gallic acid, jambosine, volatile oil, jambolin, quercetin, ferulic acid, veratrole, guajacol and caffeic acid.

 It acts as antioxidant by protecting the cell from oxidative stress.
 It is strong acid acting against reactive oxygen scavenging systems.
 It reduces the blood sugar level in body.
This causes a significant reduction in serum glucose by regeneration of pancreatic islet cells.
It stimulates insulin secretion and eliminates risk of hyperglycemia and cardiovascular complication.

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