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Terminalia belerica

Common Name:  Bibhitaki, beleric, belliric myrobalan, baehra   
 Plant name: : Terminalia belerica
Chemical constituents: Mainly  triterpenoids including belleric acid, b-sitosterol, and the saponin glycosides bellericoside and bellericanin.  Other constituents include polyphenols  like gallic acid, ellagic acid, phyllembin and  ethyl galate.
  Prevent aging and impart longevity, immunity, enhance body resistance           against disease
 Unripe fruit is purgative
 The cold water extracts possess antibacterial activity.
 Dried ripe fruit is astringent and employed in dropsy, piles and diarrhoea.
 Used in diseases of liver and gastrointestinal tract .  

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