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Mucuna Pruriens(Cowitch)

Common Name: Cowitch, Cowhage, Velvet Bean, Cow-itch, Buffalo bean
Plant name: Mucuna Pruriens
Chemical constituents:  Bioactive alkaloids mucunine, mucunadine, mucuadinine, pruriendine and nicotine, besides B-sitosterol, glutathione, lecithin, oils, venolic and gallic acids. The seed coat contains tryptamine, alkylamines, steroids, flavonoids, coumarins, cardenolides.
Farmers use Mucuna as a cover crop, a fodder or a green manure.
Toasted ground seeds are used as a coffee substitute.
It is powerful nervine tonic and aphrodisiac.
In  disorders of the male or female reproductive system.
The pods are anthelmintic and the root powder are  laxative.

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