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Cinchona Officinalis( Quinine Bark)

Common Name: Quinine Bark, Peruvian Bark, Quinine Bark
Plant name: Cinchona Officinalis
Chemical constituents: Cinchona contains Aricine, caffeic acid, cinchofulvic acid, cincholic acid, cinchonain, cinchonidine, cinchotannic acid, cinchotine, cuscamine, cusconidine, cusconine, epicatechin, quinacimine, quinamine, quinine, quininidine, quinovic acid, quinovin, and sucirubine.

Quinine is an anti-fever agent and is used for the prevention and cure of malaria.
 Quinine Bark is bitter, astringent, acrid, thermogenic, febrifugre, oxytoxic and anodyne, digestive, antipyretic, cardiotonic.
 anti-inflammatory and tonic. Cinchona Officinalis is useful in, bacterial infections, helminthiasis, dyspepsia, chronic dysentery, skin diseases, cough, bronchitis and cardiac debility.

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