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Access Pharmaceuticals Re-Brands Drug Delivery Platform To Cobacyte, Submits More Patent Applications

Biopharmaceutical company Access Pharmaceuticals (OTCBB: ACCP) said Wednesday that it has made further progress with its Cobalamin drug delivery platform, re-branding the technology as CobaCyte and submitting additional patent applications for the product, including in the area of SiRNA for the treatment of several diseases triggered by errant genes.
RNAi therapy, used to silence or shut off specific genes at will, is typically initiated by the introduction of small fragments of RNA, termed siRNA, into cells at disease sites. Due to their large size and high negative charge, siRNA fragments are not able to cross cell membranes, however.
Access’ delivery system transports the siRNA into cells and releases undamaged SiRNA into the cell membrane.

This is based on the natural vitamin B12 uptake mechanism. Most human cells have a requirement for vitamin B12, which is served by cell surface receptors that allow for the absorption of the vitamin. In many diseases, the demand for vitamin B12 is increased, with a corresponding upregulation of the receptor. The CobaCyte nanoparticle technology can use the vitamin B12 uptake mechanism to transport siRNA into cells, where native siRNA can then be released for incorporation in messenger RNA to initiate the beneficial effect.
Over the past months, Access’ CobaCyte siRNA application has shown transfection activity in hard-to-transfect cell lines with potentially better toxicity profiles compared to other reagents, it said.
Access has also initiated a program where different formulations of marketed chemotherapies will be developed and tested to assess CobaCyte’s ability to enhance drug effects on the body.
“We’re excited about the early progress and results seen in our CobaCyte-targeted drug-delivery activities, especially in the area of siRNA. The new patent filings and the branding of the CobaCyte name will help enhance and facilitate our corporate partnering activity in this area,” said president and CEO Jeffrey B. Davis.
Access Pharmaceuticals develops and commercializes products for the treatment and supportive care of cancer patients. Its products include MuGard, for the management of patients with mucositis, ProLindac, currently in Phase II clinical testing of patients with ovarian cancer, and Thiarabine, a new generation nucleoside analog which has demonstrated both pre-clinical and clinical activity in certain cancers.
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