Adhatoda vasica

Common Name: Adatodai, Arusa, Adulsa, Malabar Nut, Adulsa, Arusha, Vasaka, Addasaramu.
Plant name: Adhatoda vasica
Chemical constituents: The main bioactive constituent of Adhatoda vasica is a pyrralazoquinoline alkaloid – vasicine. The other alkaloids include adhatonine, vasicinone, vasicol, vasicinol  etc. The other constituents include aliphatic hydroketones viz., 37-hydroxyhexateracont-1-en-15-one and 37-hydroxy hentetracontan-19-one; common phytosterols viz., a-sitosterol and its D-glucose.

 Uses: The leaves are known to moderate the hypotensive activity, by lowering the blood pressure.

The fresh juice obtained from leaves of Malabar nut has been used to treat tuberculosis.
Its local use gives relief from pyorrhea and bleeding gums.
Antispasmodic properties are also associated with the plant. It helps in easing pain.

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