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Aegle marmelos(Bilva)

Common Name: Bilva, Bilwa, Bael, Sirphal, Wood apple, Bengal Quince,Maredu,
Plant name: Aegle marmelos .….
Chemical constituents: Main chemical components are marmelosin, alloimperatorin, marmelide, tannic acid, marmin, umbelliferone, isoimperatorin, isopimpinellin, skimmin, marmesin, marmesinin, fatty acids, beta-sitosterol.
   Uses: Bael is beneficial in the digestive system and it is also a mild laxative.
·         A decoction of the unripe fruit with ginger and fennel is said to be effective for the treatment of hemorrhoids.
·         The juice of its leaves mixed with honey, can relieve catarrh and fever.
·         The pulp is used in the treatment of Vitiligo.
·         The leaf decoction is said to alleviate asthma.
·         A hot poultice of the leaves is considered an effective treatment for various inflammations.
·         The bark decoction is administered in cases of malaria.
·         The fruit, roots and leaves have antibiotic activity.
·         The root, leaves and bark are used in treating snakebite.
·         An infusion from bael leaves is an effective remedy for peptic ulcer.

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