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Ficus Religiosa(Bodhi Tree)

Common Name: Bodhi Tree, holy tree, Peepal Tree, raavi, pippala vṛiksha.

Plant name: Ficus Religiosa.

Chemical constituents: bark contains 4% tannins.Besides these it contains certain alkaloids ,tannins and vitamins.
Uses: Root bark is good for stomatitis, clean ulcers and it is astringent in leucorrhoea and promotes granulations.
The roots are chewed to prevent gum disease.
The bark is cooling and astringent and is useful in inflammations and glandular swellings of neck.
The fruit is laxative, promotes digestion, aphrodisiac and checks vomiting.
Unani system of medicine, root, bark is aphrodisiac and also good for lumbago.
Roots are said to be good for gout.
The powdered fruit is taken for asthma.
Seeds are useful in urinary troubles.
 The bark is used with some honey for the treatment of gonorrhoea, ulcers, skin diseases and scabies.
Bark has been used to heal the wounds for years.

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