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Rauvolfia serpentine(Sarpagandha)

Common Name: Sarpagandha, Snake Root, Serpentine Root.
 Plant name: Rauvolfia serpentine.

Chemical constituents: Reserpine has been extensively studied in clinical evaluations. Other alkaloids include rescinnamine, deserpidine,  ajmalicine, isoajmaline, serpentine,  syrosingopine, ajmaline (rauwolfine), ajmalinine,  rauwolfinine, and sarpagine. Reserpine is the major alkaloid in the plant.

Uses: Used for treating dysentery, fevers, high blood pressure, hypochondria, insanity, insect stings, insomnia, epilepsy and dyspepsia.It is also used to treat dysentery and other painful affections of the intestinal canal.

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