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Ricinus communis(castor oil)

Common Name: Castor Oil Plant, Eranda, Vatari, Rendi, Bofareira, Mexico seed, oil plant, Amudam.
Plant name: Ricinus communis
Chemical constituents: Fatty oils, Proteins, Lectins, RCA-120 (less toxic), Pyridine alkaloids, Triglycerides: chief fatty acids ricinoleic acid (12-hydroxy-oleic acid, share 85-90%), Tocopherols (Vitamin E).
This is a good purgative for children.
It is a good medicine for acute constipation, intestinal inflammation.
It is anti viral in nature and good pain reliver.
It cures abdominal disorders, colic, enlarged liver and spleen.
It is a good remedy for fever, headache, nervous diseases.
It promotes menstrual discharge.
Cures rheumatism, sciatica,inflammation ear and migraine.

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