Sarca indica(Ashoka)

Common Name: Ashoka, ashoka tree, Anganapriya, Gandapushpa.
Plant name: Sarca indica.
Chemical constituents: The bark contains tannin, catechol, sterol and organic calcium compounds. Its methanol fraction contains haematoxylene, tannin, and water-soluble glycoside. The latter has glucose, galactose and mannose as sugars.
 Ashoka bark is strong astringent and used in uterine infections, very useful in menorrhagia.
 It has a stimulating effect on the endometrium and the ovarian tissue.
Dried flowers of Ashoka are used for diabetes treatment.
The leaves and bark are used to get rid of worms in stomach.
Ashoka is used to prepare Ayurvedic tonics to purify blood.

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