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Can three cups of tea a day prevent heart diseases?

There’s good news for the lovers of the morning cup of tea, on a daily basis. This beverage is said to be beneficial in providing a substance to the body, called Flavoniods, which helps in controlling heart ailments, such as strokes, high blood pressure etc.

Recent reports suggests that professors of the Western Australian University, who studied the benefits of the beverage, have come out with findings, that suggest that people who consumed at least three cups of Tea a day, were at lower risk of any form of heart disease, and had lower cholesterol levels, and could recover faster from heart attack ailments.

The report suggests that the professors have said that tea is beneficial due to the Flavonoids, as these have antioxidant ingredients, which counteract cardiovascular diseases, due to which, the plaque, which is a combination of dangerous fat and cholesterol, are not allowed to be retained in the body, which in turn, helps the individual to be free from the risk of high blood pressure.
The findings reported in the Journal Molecular Aspects of Medicines are that the flavonoid content in regular tea is the same as that found in Green tea.
According to further reports, Dr. Catherine Hood, an important member of the Tea Advisory Panel, has said that the evidences are growing that three to four cups of Black tea everyday is considered good, not only for general health, but also for cardiovascular health. However, she did add that adding milk to the tea, doesn’t affect the absorption of flavonoids at all.
Reports also suggest that the trails on several people have shown that the presence of antioxidants in the body after tea consumption, with or without milk, was the same. So, go ahead, enjoy your hot cuppa, albeit in moderate form, as these reports have yet to be established further, according to many other reports doing the rounds!
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