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Soap ingredient could treat parasitic disease that affects 2 billion

Soap, toothpaste, odour-fighting socks, and even computer keyboards contain an anti bacterial ingredient that could treat a parasitic disease that affects almost two billion people, reports a new study.

Toxoplasmosis is spread by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii (T. gondii), from contact with feces from infected cats, eating raw or undercooked meat, and in other ways.It can cause eye damage and other problems, even becoming life threatening in individuals with immune systems weakened by certain medications and diseases like HIV infection, which allow the parasite to become active again.
Rima McLeod and colleagues said that triclosan could become the guiding light for future development of drugs for toxoplasmosis.Past research has shown that triclosan has a powerful effect in blocking the action of a key enzyme that T. gondii uses to live.Triclosan, however, cannot be used as a medication because it does not dissolve in the blood.
The scientists describe using triclosan’s molecular structure as the model for developing other potential medications, including some that show promise as more effective treatments for the disease.
The report appears in ACS’ monthly Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. (ANI)
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